NAP-7H / On-demand Transfer-foil Printer

Product outline

NAP-7H / On-demand Transfer-foil Printer

To make one sheet of transfer foil at low cost

To make a transfer foil from a design data for 20~30min without making a plate.

To print on aluminum vapor deposition foil.


Plastic (ABS, Acryl, PET, PP, etc)


Cosmetic bottle、Parts for amusement device、stationary、home appliance、etc.



  1. 1. Quick making small lot and wide variety of transfer foils.
  2. 2. Getting transfer foils at short lead time.
  3. 3. Preventing the risk of stocks.
  4. 4. Reducing the cost to make transfer foils as it does not need plate making.
  5. 5. Using wide variety and high design of transfer foils as full colored foils and metallic foils can be transferred.
  6. 6. Quick change of design and pattern at the trial stage and on the way of production.
  7. 7. Eco-friendly production process as production environment is dry process.
  8. 8. Resolving troubles by residual solvent of ink.
  9. 9. Unnecessary of long experience and technical now-how on operating printer.